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An Orr Fellow's Experience at DuraMark

Stacy Gudas
Mar 29, 2017 9:31:32 AM

Duramark Orr Fellow Greg Burns is a 2015 graduate of Purdue University. While there, he studied Mechanical Engineering and upon graduation, Greg decided to apply for a program called Orr Fellowship. This was appealing to Greg because while he enjoyed engineering, he also had an interest in entrepreneurship and business. Within the Fellowship, Orr Fellows are encouraged to see every side of the business. At the end of the two year Orr Fellowship commitment, Fellows have the option to stay at their host company if it is determined the Fellow is a good fit, go back to graduate school or begin a new job at a different company.

After completing the Orr Fellowship recruitment process, Greg was accepted to the Orr Fellowship and was hired by DuraMark Technologies. Greg has had the opportunity to work in engineering, with the ERP system and tracking inventory, spent time learning about finance and has also worked in production. Recently, Greg accepted the position as Production Manager to continue after the end of his Fellowship in June.

Throughout his time during the Fellowship, Greg has enjoyed being part of a like minded group that is focused on entrepreneurship. The opportunity to bounce ideas off of other Fellows and what they are doing in their company has been a valuable resource, especially being new to the work world. Access to additional workshops and training within the Fellowship allow the resources that would be available in a large corporation while gaining many new experiences working in a start up.

DuraMark is lucky to have Greg on board and looks forward to keeping him on the team after the Fellowship!


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