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Durable Decals and Labels Just-in-time

Stacy Gudas
Mar 25, 2016, 3:42:29 PM

Durable decals and labels...the clutter on the manufacturing floor.  They are stored away in kanban bins just waiting for the day they are used.  They become obsolete as Engineering Change Notices (ECNs) take place.  Warehouse costs to store them are expensive.  They get damaged in storage waiting to be used.  

Since we all know labels are a necessary part of a product, you can't just solve the problem by eliminating durable decals and labels from the process.  So what can be done to solve this issue?

Label production, like most other technology, has evolved over the past several years allowing for just-in-time production. The need to order large rolls of labels or in large quantities is an inconvenience that no longer needs to be dealt with.  


Just-in-time production of labels has many benefits that can: 

1. Reduce Inventory Obsolescence

Over time, ECNs as well as product lines being removed or modified, result in labels that require changes as well.  With these changes comes inventory obsolescence.  Leftover labels from large orders previously received result in wasted capital expenditure.  The ability to order the number of labels, decals or kits needed using just-in-time allows for changes to be made to labels without much consequence.


2. Lower Inventory holding costs

Inventory cost isn't related to just the cost of the labels.  Inventory cost also relates directly to costs associated with storing the labels in your facility.  Just-in-time inventory reduces the need for vast amounts of storage space alleviating those expenditures.


3.  Reduce risk of damage in storage

Safe places are where extra inventory should be safe.  However, that doesn't mean accidents you weren't expecting won't happen. Water leaks in the building, someone accidentally crinkling up the labels, adhesive deterioration or any other mishaps aren't instances you plan to happen to your inventory.  Just-in-time reduces the opportunity for the inventory to be damaged.  Even if the just-in-time inventory does become damaged, the benefit would be that it wouldn't be as costly of an incident.

Just-in-time inventory can help to reduce money and space on storage of inventory, the reduction of costs due to ECN, the elimination of inventory obsolescence.  When working to improve your lean process, or to simply clean up the manufacturing floor, labels are a great place to make a big impact!


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