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Duramark and the Orr Fellowship: Take Two

Stacy Gudas
Dec 1, 2016 3:43:22 PM

DuraMark Technologies got it's start in 2007. Over the past several years, the company has shown promise to continue down the same growth path it has experienced over the past decade. With this background, DuraMark was put in a very good position to be chosen as a host company for the Governor Bob Orr Entrepreneurial Fellowship.

What is the Orr Fellowship?

For those unfamiliar with the Fellowship, it is a two year program based in Indianapolis. The goal is to keep young talent in Indiana and foster a knowledge and spirit of entrepreneurship. There are currently around 85 Orr Fellows. The cap for each class is 50 and is determined by the number of Orr Fellows the host companies hire.  Potential Orr Fellows have the chance of being placed with a brand new start up, medium size company or more established technology company. During the two years that the Orr Fellow is with their host company, the idea is for that individual to get to have executive mentorship as well as the opportunity to see all sides of the business.


How are host companies selected?

To become a host company, the board of directors evaluates the companies to see if they would be a good fit for this opportunity. During their time as a host company, they are continued to be evaluated as a continuing good fit for the program.

In 2014, DuraMark Technologies was asked to be a host company for the Orr Fellowship. The first year of participation, DuraMark decided to hire two new Orr Fellows, Greg Burns and Stacy Gudas. Throughout their time at DuraMark, both have gotten the opportunity to experience more than the average recent college graduate.


New Fellows 

Having proven to be a good fit for the program, DuraMark once again participated in selecting two new Orr Fellows to join our team.

Chris Beaschler will be the first of the new Fellows to start work at DuraMark. Chris will be graduating from the University of Dayton in December with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and joining DuraMark in January.  After graduation, Chris was looking for something that would be challenging that would utilize his academic and leadership skills. Chris also served as captain of the University of Dayton football team and played as a linebacker.

Cody Campbell will begin at DuraMark in June after his graduation from DePauw University where he studied Economics. He also played on DePauw's football team as an offensive lineman helping to lead their team to a huge victory over their rival, Wabash College, to take home the Monon Bell. Cody had enjoyed his previous internships, but was looking for an opportunity to try a variety of different things after college. The chance to get to experience a lot of different job responsibilities compared to just one was what attracted Cody to Orr Fellowship and particularly DuraMark.


Chris Beaschler.jpg003-839929-edited.jpg      


                      Chris Beaschler                                                                                                                    Cody Campbell


We look forward to having both Chris and Cody join us in the very near future and can't wait to see what they have to bring to DuraMark!


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