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Is it time to break up with your label supplier?

Stacy Gudas
Aug 19, 2016 2:03:49 PM

Does your label supplier give you what you need?  Do they provide you with customer service?  Do they respond in a timely manner to your questions and concerns?  Do they provide you with a durable solution built to withstand the test of time?

If not, it is time to break things off with your current label supplier.  Why stick with a label supplier that doesn't give your company the best solutions, service and quality you deserve?


When selecting the next label manufacturer for your company, there are certain characteristics you should consider. 

What type of surface will the labels be applied to?  Will it be bumpy, smooth, curved, straight, metal, plastic, etc.?

Extreme Temperatures

Too hot or too cold can affect the way labels adhere, especially during application.  Make sure you check with your label provider to make sure the label will meet the requirements of your product.

Abrasion Resistance

What types of environments will your labels be exposed to?  Make sure your labels are able to endure harsh conditions they might be exposed to.

Chemical Resistance

Communicating what types of chemicals your label will come in contact with to your label manufacturer can help them to create the label that will fit your needs best.


Make sure if your label is going to be outdoors it is up for the challenges of the weather.  Having labels that are UV protected prevents them from fading as well.

Lifespan of label

Don't settle for a label that won't stick with your product for the life of it.

Label format

Does the label manufacturer have an art team to make sure your labels meet the updated ANSI standards?

Print speed
What is the turnaround time?  Is there a minimum order quantity?  Does the label manufacturer allow for your company to use just-in-time delivery reducing the inventory you have to keep.


If these questions haven't been addressed by your current label supplier, it might be time to consider moving on.


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