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Rapid Response Centers: The Benefits

Stacy Gudas
Aug 9, 2016 9:34:44 AM

When your company depends on labels arriving on a timely basis, it is important they are there when you need them.  Can you count on your current label provider to provide labels even if there is an issue at their production facility?

DuraMark provides a system of Rapid Response Centers (RRCs) that are located in 3 states across the country in Westfield, Indiana, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin and Woodinville, Washington. 

Why select a printer with Rapid Response Centers?





Shipping ease for different regions

Having RRCs in three different regions allows for rapid shipment across the country.  The rapid shipment of labels opens the door for lowered inventory in your facility and a reduction in wasted materials and capital.


Time Zones

The locations of the RRCs are located in the Pacific, Central and Eastern time zones allowing for orders to be shipped and received during the time in which they are needed.


Guaranteed labels in case of an issue with another production facility

Whether or not you will receive your labels on time should not be a question.  Power outages, general redundancy, capacity issues and anything else that might pop up can be covered by another location and still delivered on time.


Receiving labels consistently on time is important.  It shouldn't be a worry or a question that the labels you need will be there when you require them for production.  When finding a durable label provider, make sure that consistency is something you can count on!


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