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DuraMark's President Shares Insight With Orr Fellowship

Stacy Gudas
Jan 4, 2017 8:38:30 AM

Each month, Orr Fellowship hosts a business leader to speak as part of the group's business leader speaker series. The purpose is to give Orr Fellows different perspectives and experiences of entrepreneurship from those who have actively been part of it. Business leaders offer insight as to how they got their start, their experience with entrepreneurship and any advice they have to offer Fellows.


Orr Fellowship Group Picture

This month, Orr Fellowship invited DuraMark's President and CEO, Bill Bussick, to speak about his experience with DuraMark Technologies. Bill shared about his previous work experiences and how he and two partners started the company.


When Bill started speaking with the group, he pointed out he is just a regular guy who happened to start a company. He had worked, much like those in the Fellowship, and had the opportunity to live in different places and try a few small business ideas he had. One idea included golf cup advertisements for golf courses.


As Bill told his story, he pointed out that starting a business is not always going to be easy. Bill's faith and the support from his wife were two things that he emphasized as part of the contribution to his success.


In entrepreneurship, raising money to get your business going is part of the journey. Bill shared his experience to the group and gave the advice that learning how to present yourself is an important part of beginning a company.Orr Fellowship Speaker

"Investors are ultimately investing in you, not your company," said Bill. He went on to explain that when presenting to investors, they are generally looking for passion and someone who will continue to pursue their goals even if the going isn't easy.


The point that Bill stressed the most was the importance of networking. Having a solid network as well as having mentors is important to have to be able to turn to when looking for help or advice, especially when starting a new business.


As a business leader, it is not only important to have a successful business, but to spread the knowledge you acquire with others. As a leader of DuraMark, Bill has not only given the opportunity to learn to the Orr Fellows that work at DuraMark, but given time to share what he has learned to the rest of the Fellowship as well.


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