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Stupid Stickers Can Get You Sued

Stacy Gudas
Jun 22, 2016 8:19:34 AM

In a world of "sue happy" people, one would think that we would be more aware of labeling.  For the most part, we go about our daily business not really paying attention to the labels that are around us.   We mindlessly use our washing machine, drive our cars, use our hair dryers and don't usually take the time to read the labels of the products we are using.  However, when something doesn't go as planned while using a product, a warning label becomes important.

Manufacturers are where the products begin their journey.  Labels are unfortunately sometimes viewed as just something that has to be added to the product, and not an item that is as critical as it actually is to the end product.  Neglecting this piece can result in costing a lot of money later.


If proper labeling measures are not taken and someone is injured while using the product, there is the possibility that any company providing the product to consumers could be sued.  While the manufacturer is the one who makes the product, the distributor as well as the retailer can be held liable for any suit.


As a manufacturer, distributor or retailer, there are ways to avoid litigation:

1. Warn of the Dangers you are aware of

On finished products, proper information about the danger must be present.  The warning should be visible, informative and useful to the consumer.  

2. Include adequate warnings

Warnings should be included in all areas where injury has a potential to occur.  The warnings should be directed toward reasonable, usual use of the product. 

3. Warning is visible

Warnings should be visible on the product and not just written somewhere in the manual.  The warning must be understandable to the average user of the product in a visible place an expected user of the product would be able to see.

4.  Quality Labels

Warning labels should be durable to last the life of the product.  Labels that peel away or fade do not continue to inform the user.  If the labels are not present, they are not helping to protect users from potential dangers or the company from getting sued if there is an accident that occurs while using their product.


Labels may seem like a small part of a product, but they can have a large imapct on the end user and even the manufacturer, distributor and retailer.. Labels provide important information to keep end users and others safe and can keep your company out of a legal suit!



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