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Summer Begins, Construction Equipment Rolls In

Stacy Gudas
Jun 14, 2016 1:41:30 PM

As summer begins, so does summer construction.  As most of us find this season to be a bit frustrating with longer travel times and detours, we understand it is something that must be done to keep our roads running smoothly later.

Each year, thousands of construction workers continuously work with equipment that is necessary and beneficial to the projects, but that can be dangerous to the operator or bystanders if not used properly.  This is where the application of safety labels on the equipment is important to protect the onsite workers as well as those who are around the area.

Labels have an impact by being placed on construction equipment to protect workers and bystanders by protecting them from many hazards including:

  • Falls                                                                                                                         Construction_Picture.jpg                   
  • Repetitive movement                                                                                          
  • Scaffold collapse
  • Electric shock
  • Failure to use proper protective equipment


Safety labels on construction equipment are important to the safety of those using the equipment and those around them. When accidents can be avoided simply by applying a durable safety label that will last the lifetime of the product, it becomes clear that a detail such as a label, should receive a little more attention. 


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