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The Season of Thanks

Stacy Gudas
Nov 23, 2016 9:30:03 AM

With Thanksgiving upon us, employees at DuraMark Technologies are looking forward to a couple days out of the office, time with family and the full bellies and naps that await them.  However, while the post turkey naps are being taken, it is sure to run through many minds of how much we as a company have to be thankful for while reflecting on the past year.

DuraMark Clients

Of course, our clients are what keep our company going.  We are thankful for their business with us as well as the relationships that are cultivated over time as we continue to work toegether.


DuraMark Employees

These people bring the products and service of the company to life.  Their hard work, deCornhole_pic_3-238698-edited.jpgdication and friendships that are formed between colleagues makes for an enjoyable work environment.  The new hires that have been made have further enhnaced the company culture, each bringing with them a positive impact on the company and internal friendships.



New Buildings

Our first move was at our Washington location in July.  Following behind that move, was the Westfield relocation at the beginning of October.  The brand new facility has opened the door for even more opportunity for growth.  Without the
dedication of the employees at DuraMark, having smooth building moves wouldn't have been nearly as successful.Front of DuraMark-066877-edited.jpg


New Technology

With the increase of production space brings the capability of housing even more robust equipment than previously used. With the new printer capabilities, DuraMark is able to match colors even better, reduce waste and print even faster!  Our partnership with Lumavate has also allowed for us to grow in a new direction, enhancing the intelligence of the labels we are applying.


Some weeks may seem stressful, but those of us at DuraMark Technologies encourage all of you to take a moment this week and reflect on the things you are thankful for.  Thank you to everyone for all that you have helped DuraMark to become and continue to be!


Happy Thanksgiving!


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