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Variable Data and Its Benefits

Stacy Gudas
Apr 18, 2016 12:25:57 PM

What is variable data?

Variable data is just data that varies, right?  Yes, but there is more to it that can add value to your labels and the value they can bring to your manufacturing process and end product.


Variable data allows for the manufacturer to provide a label that can be modified from label to label that is specific to the product being manufactured.  Some information is able to remain unchanged or static, while the other information can vary from label to label.



What benefits result due to the ability to print variable data and include it on your durable labels?

Benefits for a manufacturer using variable data may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and from product to product.  

Variable data can benefit a durable label process in a couple of different ways.


1.  Variable data can vary from kit to kit

Each kit does not have to be the exact same.  If there is a barcode or other type of data that needs to change that is specific to a model or even as specific as a serial number, that can be accomplished through our digital printing solutions.


2.  Variable data can vary from label to label

Each label can have specific information that varies from the others it is being printed with.  This allows for variability whether the label is part of a kit or just one individual label out of many being printed.


3.  Variable data can allow you to provide end consumers with specific information

Specific information can be included on each product that is able to include details about one particular product instead of using one generic label or kit for all products.  Using variable data allows for room to make changes to only one part of a label or kit each time and allowing for end consumers to have the unique information regarding their equipment.


Variable data allows for manufacturers to enhance their product through the ability of tailoring the labels to fit the specific details of the item they are labeling.  Provide more information about your product instead of using generic labels by using variable data and enhance the end user experience!


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